Contentment with Sex

mini-contenmentContentment with Sex is the third of the three Primordial Comforter Life Markers along with Sleep and Diet. These Life Markers are aspects of our life that have a natural function and purpose, yet we also can use them to energise ourselves, relieve stress, or as a source of happiness (pleasurable sensations).

The subject of sex is often not openly looked at in regards to its impact on our health and wellbeing.  Sex is one in the range of personal expressions in human relationships. Sex is related to emotional closeness, fun, comfort, stress relief and excitement, as well, of course, as creating children! The desire to have sex or not, or at which level a person feels sexually content, varies from individual to individual. Feeling contentment with your sex life is not about the level of your libido but rather the level of contentment felt about your level of sexual activity and expression. 

The cause of sexual discontentment, be that a feeling of sexual frustration, or wishing you had greater libido, can have its roots in your stress levels, lack of happiness, low energy or how you feel about yourself. These factors can indirectly affect the sexual relationship between yourself and your love life partner by conditioning behaviour and the consequent reactions to that behaviour.

The Contentment with Sex Marker can be used when you would like to track the aspects of your life story that may be impacting on your levels of sexual contentment. For example; a couple may find that they are not feeling like having sex very often, or perhaps not at the same times that their partner feels like having sex. They may realise through tracking their Stress and Life Issues that they do not feel like having sex when these factors intensify.

By regularly tracking the Contentment with Sex Life Marker against the backdrop of your other Life Markers, Life Issues and Solutions, hidden causes to problems can be revealed.