Feeling Physically Well

mini-wellnessFeeling Physically Well is another of the Capacity Markers that tracks our ability to live a full and purposeful life. In the mind-body paradigm, our physical wellness is also directly related to the interactions of all the other Life Markers, our Life Issues, Solutions and of course our Body Mass Index.

Physical wellness gives us the capacity to maintain our life, meet challenges and go on adventures in the exploration of life. How well we feel physically impacts on what we feel we can achieve in a day. It also affects how we plan for the future and what we think we can cope with on the road ahead.

Using the MindMe Health Journal you can see the trends in your physical health and ability and implement changes that will enhance the levels of your physical health, or engage health professionals to help you to achieve this goal.

Using your Journal you can track your weight or levels of Happiness, Energy, Stress, Sleep and Diet etc and ascertain to what degree these Life Markers are impacting on your health so you can target the changes needed to build a stronger and more resilient body. Perhaps it is the trends of your Stress that are impacting your feelings of physical wellness or the type of food you eat. Perhaps you are relying on strategies that don’t seem to be working out.