mini-energyVitality is gained from good food, fresh air and sleep, as well as hope, positivity, idealism and the happiness derived from good relationships and achieving goals. Happiness and vitality are interconnected in many ways. When we feel good over a sustained period of time our energy reserves build, enabling us to respond to life more from choice and less from a knee jerk reaction. If we don’t feel good about ourselves or life in general then our mind loses its sparkle and even normal situations that require our energy input can be exhausting. 

Energy is the second Life Marker and sits between Happiness and Stress in the H.E.S. Test. Scientific research shows that negative Stress can be a voracious consumer of our energy, even robbing our immune system’s ability to maintain our health. Unless these Energy reserves are being replenished feelings of depletion can in turn lead to exhaustion.

If we face a challenge or crisis and our energy levels are normal to high, we feel better able to accept that challenge and succeed, giving us a good feeling about ourselves and increasing vitality. If we feel either too tired or overwhelmed by a challenge or crisis, then our ability to respond adequately either physically (e.g. immune system) or mentally (e.g. creative solutions) is impaired.
Our attitudes to life, ourselves and others also affect our feelings of vitality. This is another example of the mind-body connection highlighting the fact that we cannot ignore the mind or the body in the picture of our health and well being.

An interesting comparison to the Energy Life Marker can also be viewed in connection to the Healthy Diet Life Marker. When we eat the right amount of food that supplies our bodies with the nutrition needed to grow, repair and maintain optimal function, we provide the basis for our physical vitality.  Experts say that a healthy diet needs to be varied with the greatest proportion being fresh fruits, vegetables, legumes and grains with their natural carbohydrates and sugars, to ensure macro and micro nutrients are there for the chemical processes of energy storage and distribution throughout the body.