Healthy Diet

mini-dietDiet is the second of the three Primordial Comforter Life Markers along with Sleep and Sexual Contentment. These Life Markers are aspects of our life that have a natural function and purpose, yet we also can use them to energise ourselves, relieve stress, or use them as a source of happiness (pleasurable sensations).

Generally speaking the biggest impact on our modern diet has been the over-supply of calories, refined sugars, fats and salt. This has lead to affects on the health of the general community such as increases in obesity, diabetes, cancer and heart disease. The question to ask ourselves is why? To what degree is western society s obesity epidemic due to being over reliant on food being a comforter, to relieve stress and/or as source of happiness (pleasure).

Health authorities advise that the best diet for the modern human being is varied and plant rich, giving a range of macro and micro nutrients with low amounts of animal fat, refined sugar and salt.

For good health the amount of food we eat also needs to be in relation to how much physical activity we engage in. Modern life is dominated by watching the screens of televisions, computers and video games, sitting in chairs, cars and cafes – all also sources of happiness. Regardless of the amount of food taken, exercise is essential for the healthy functioning of the human body.

So a healthy diet leads to, among other things, a healthy Body Mass Index (BMI) , that is, a person’s weight is in proportion to their height. The MindMe Health Journal has a BMI tool where you can enter in your height initially, then make daily entries of your weight and see your BMI automatically calculated.

The BMI tool is graphed in conjunction with all the Life Markers; Happiness, Energy and Stress levels, Like Who I am etc, your Life Issues and Solutions. This can be very revealing when seen over a month, six months or up to two years. Many weight loss programmes do not address these ways that a person feels as a factor in how they can lose weight, yet this is very often a major conditioning factor in a person’s ability to maintain a healthy diet and exercise.