Achieving Goals

mini-goalsThe Goals Achieved Life Marker is the second of the three Capacity Markers including Like Who I am and Physical Wellness. Achieving goals increases our capacity to make the most of our life. Seeing the trends of this Life Marker with the HES Life markers of the Happiness/Energy,/Stress equation, can highlight basic dynamics in your life that work toward or against your achievement of goals. For example you may plan a day ahead to get a lot of work done, however when you get up in the morning you feel stressed, low on energy or unhappy and we all know how this impacts on our drive to follow through.
When we set out to achieve a goal there are often steps along the way that are goals in themselves. Our focus when we get up in the morning is normally on the immediate things we want to achieve in our day. These goals may or may not be part of a bigger goal and we may judge ourselves by what we have or have not achieved.    

There are short term and long term goals. Many short terms goals are part of long term goals so the ability to maintain focus and effort toward a goal is an important skill for us to develop.

Goals can be aspirational; like developing talents, or simple outcomes like getting the children to school on time. We choose a goal because we believe it will improve our ability to function efficiently or simply bring the fulfilment and happiness we desire.

Goals can be Internal – such as self development of personal qualities like patience, self esteem or being carefree
 Goals can be External – such as a career, changing diet or making money

When our internal goals and external goals are in harmony with each other our level of achieving goals can be more efficient. Conflict between internal and external goals can be counter-productive; for example, a person wanting to be more carefree then going about setting a goal of having three jobs to make more money.

Whatever the goal is, there can be obstacles to achieving it and many of these come from within. An obstacle can be a habit, reluctance to change, lack of will power, high stress level or any number of personal weaknesses or strengths.  With the MindMe Health Journal you can track which Life Markers and Life Issues are helping or hindering your quest, as well as see which Solution is actually working for you.

Achieving a goal can lead to an understanding about life that leads you on to another goal. Sometimes we find that the goal may not be worth the effort and sacrifices we made to attain it, however, valuable goals energise us with good feelings and self esteem. Achieving Goals can encourage and inspire us to seek out and explore more of the wonders of life.