Weight Tracker

weightTaking off weight when overweight, or putting more on when underweight is often easier said than done. Being underweight can stem from medical issues, worry and problems with self image and self esteem. A distorted perception can stimulate behaviour that negates the ability to put on weight. Overweight people who are unhappy or who experience high levels of stress also find it hard to take off weight. Bad habits, eating comfort foods due to lack of personal fulfilment, or to alleviate feelings of being stressed, often lead to difficulties in maintaining a healthy weight. The reason why people have weight problems is varied. How a person feels about themselves and their life is an important contributing factor.

Tracking your Weight and Body Mass Index (BMI) in relation to your life story is easy.

First enter in your height and then on a regular basis enter what you weigh. The computer will calculate your BMI every time you enter your weight, so you can track your progress to an ideal weight.

Once entered, your fluctuations in weight will be able to be tracked against the background of your Life Markers;

  • Happiness levels
  • Stress levels
  • Energy levels
  • Opinion of yourself
  • Ability to achieve goals
  • Quality of Sleep
  • Diet
  • Sexual Contentment
  • Feelings of Physical Wellness

Your BMI will also be tracked in relation to any strategy (Solution) you have been implementing to reduce or increase your weight, for example an exercise programme, diet, meditation or counselling strategy.

When viewed in conjunction with your Diary entries, it is easy to see how your weight gain or loss connects to your life story and vice versa. Invaluable insights will be gained when all this is compared over a 31 day, 6 month or 2 year period in the Analysis window.