solution-trackerHere we define the word Solution as a strategy that you are applying to improve your health, quality of life or sense of well being. For example: a Solution could be a therapy to heal or improve your arthritis or worrying. It could be a strategy to resolve a negative relationship dynamic between yourself and your love-life partner or your child, a plan to resolve an issue at your workplace, in fact any strategy you are implementing as a Solution to improve your life.

You can choose to track up to five Solutions.

To track the impact of a Solution on your life is easy. Each day you will make an entry that reflects the degree to which a Solution is resolving a Life Issue that is negatively impacting on your health, quality of life or sense of well being (up to five solutions can be tracked at any one time).

Once entered, your Solution will be able to be tracked, giving valuable insights into how a Solution impacts you in relation to your;

  • Happiness levels
  • Stress levels
  • Energy levels
  • Opinion of yourself
  • Level of Achieving Goals
  • Quality of Sleep
  • Diet
  • Sexual Contentment
  • Feelings of Physical Wellness

It is up to you to decide how many Solutions, if any, you would like to track at any one time along with any or all of the above background of Life Markers.

When viewed in conjunction with your Diary entries, it is easy to see how a Solution impacts on your life story and vice versa. Invaluable insights will be gained when all this is compared over a 31 day, 6 month or 2 year period.