portalThe Portal is the place to find and log sources of information about health and wellbeing. You can log website addresses, video files, sound files in fact any file that you can open on your computer.  For example graphic files, audio files (like music or guided meditations), video files, PDF files and podcasts to name but a few.

There are five categories of information on health and wellbeing to store your logged files and internet addresses under;

  • Research
  • Therapies
  • Courses
  • Products
  • Inspiration

Logged files and websites can be easily located and opened with the click of your mouse using the portal’s sophisticated easy to use interface. Browse the web from the Portal and log the addresses of the websites that hold the relevant information you are seeking.

Browse your computer from the Portal and open files, if they hold information you want quick and easy access to, just log them into the Portal.

When logging a website or file you can enter a subject the file is about. For instance the subject could be arthritis, worry, stress or happiness… You can also enter the author’s name, which could be the name of an individual, an organisation etc. You can also write a description about the file and the information it contains. All this information makes a file or website easy for you to identify when you want access to relevant information.

Logged files and websites are easily opened from within the Portal.