diaryThe Diary allows you to keep a daily written log of your life story.
There are also separate areas in the Diary to track (on a daily basis) such as:

  • Your general Aspirations
  • The Life Issues you are tracking (maximum of five)
  • The life Solutions you are tracking (maximum of five)

When the daily write ups are viewed against the backdrop of your daily Life Marker levels invaluable insights will be gained into how you handle the different life situations you find yourself in.
The Life Markers are:

  • Happiness levels
  • Stress levels
  • Energy levels
  • Opinion of yourself
  • Level of Achieving Goals
  • Quality of Sleep
  • Diet
  • Sexual Contentment
  • Feelings of Physical Wellness

The importance you place on an entry can also be tracked. This makes it easy to find those important days in your life that have a positive or negative impact on your well being. The Diary also has a search engine. You can search by date, word, or level of importance you placed on an entry. Alternatively you can scroll through the Diary one day at a time. The level for each marker (Happiness, Stress, Energy or Like Who I am etc) is also displayed as a bar graph for each day.
In the Analysis window, the Diary entries are displayed against the backdrop of:

  • The Life Markers (Happiness, Stress, Energy, etc)
  • Your Life Issues and the degree to which they have been resolved
  • Your Solutions and the degree to which they have worked