analysisThe Analysis window generates readings of trends and gives you the option to save and log those readings. The Saved readings window is the place where your saved readings are logged. Imagine being able to revisit past readings with the click of a button and compare them finding out how you travelled the previous month to the current one in relation to your:

  • Happiness levels
  • Stress levels
  • Energy levels
  • Opinion of yourself
  • Level of Achieving Goals
  • Quality of Sleep
  • Diet
  • Sexual Contentment
  • Feelings of Physical Wellness
  • Your Weight (BMI)
  • Your ability to think positively in regard to your life journey

Your Diary entries are also included in a Saved reading, giving invaluable insights about the ins and outs of your life and how your day to day journey affects your health and well being, positively or negatively.
Readings covering 31 days, 6 months or 2 year periods can all be Saved and compared.

The progress or lack of progress in regard to one’s Life Issues and their accompanying Diary entries are also saved with the reading.

The effectiveness of the Solutions being employed to improve quality of life are also Saved along with their accompanying Diary entries.

You can email your Saved readings.

Saved readings can also be emailed to your therapist, doctor, life coach, in fact to anyone. For security and privacy the files are highly encrypted and;

  • The emailed readings can be password protected
  • You can choose whether or not you include your personal Diary entries in the file you send
  • You can also choose to have a substitute name instead of your real name