Licence Key for MindMe Health Journal

The price per licence is $49USD, this will unlock your program indefinitely. Once a product has its licence key entered, it must remain on that computer, as it is linked and will only work on that particular computer.

Once the button below is clicked you will be redirected to Paypal where you can make the purchase with your credit card or Paypal account. Paypal will automatically return you to the Licence form page where all you need to do is enter your unlock ID which can be found in the actual program itself. Enter the unlock key and we will email the License key to you within 24hrs.

We also email the required information to you once the purchase is made in-case you would like complete the process at a later date.

We use Paypal for our transactions as it is the most secure way to make transactions on the web, please note you do not need Paypal to make a purchase, credit cards are accepted.

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